The company

The company Weichschaumtechnik Eikenberg GmbH was founded in 1983.
We started our business with the manufacturing of special machines.

In the course of time it was found that there was a requirement for special machines for the foam industry.
So we integrated this sector to our machine program.

In connection with the change into another form of society, the Ingenieurbüro für Sondermaschinenbau became the Weichschaumtechnik Eikenberg GmbH in 1990.

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View stand

The experiences from developing and manufacturing special foam machines were taken into the production of foam products in 1993.

Every machine you can get from our company is developed and manufactured by us, so you get everything from one source.

The result has been special machines for the production of products used at the chiropody or kittchen cleaning sponges for example.

In 1998 our productive capacity became too small, so we moved to our new location in Bad Schwalbach.

View Weichschaumtechnik Eikenberg GmbH

View Weichschaumtechnik Eikenberg GmbH

Here we are manufacturing our special machines on the one hand, and also our own foam products on the other.

Because of our flexibility and inventiveness we are sure to be able to help you.

Send us your inquiry, we are going to help you.