Foam products

Our company manufactures foam products since 1993 on our own especially for these products designed machines. The wishes and needs of our clients are respected while the machines are developed in our company.

It´s always quality MADE IN GERMANY

Starting at the development, our customers wishes are introduced to our machines,
so special products can be manufactured.

The foam materials we are using are effervesced free of FCKW by our suppliers,
so the attention of environment protection is guaranteed.

It´s usually possible for all of our products to get them with blind holes or through holes,
roundet at one or both sides and also to groove them in any way, in case of need also in jobbing work.

In our company it´s possible to work foams (weight by volume  from 25 – 100 Kg/m³ / PE and PU), covered up foams and filtration foams (from PPI 10 – PPI 80).

Example grooved roller

Example grooved roller