On our homepage you will find informations concerning our company and our products. Our company is subdiveded in two fields of activity, the engineering of (special-) machines and the production of foam-parts.

The engineering and production of our machines, in most cases special machines for the foam machining, is done by the wishes and needs of our clients. There is also a standard programm of milling-, drilling- and cutting-machines, wich we´d like to show you in the „Engineering“ site.

You can get foam products from us, wich are produced specially for you. Our production contains every product that is drilled, cutted or thermally formed. To give you an idea of our possibilities, please watch the „Foam products“ site.

The development and production of our foam products, also with your specification, is done with our own developed and built machines, that are not able to be purchased on the market. That´s why our possibilities have a wide range, and it´s possible to get your products loosely, for your own packaging, or already ready for selling.

Product overview

Product overview


We are very flexible for smaller batches, because the construction and production of tools is done in our company by ourselves. This has an positiv affect to the delivery time and also to the prices.

All of our products, machines and foam products, are MADE IN GERMANY. Hereby highest quality is guaranteed for material and production.

Special forms of foam products are also a part of our production, just ask for it:

E-Mail: eikenberg@eikenberg.de